What we do

What does The Marble Project do?
We raise money throughout the year and channel it to deserving projects in Berkovitsa via the friends we have made in the town. Some are elected officials, including the Mayor of the Municipality, while others like us, are volunteers. Several times a year a number of us will go out to see how the money is being spent and to look at potential new projects. Please see our Projects page for details of projects past, future and ongoing.


Once a year the main visit to Berkovitsa takes place; around 12 to 15 of our members travel to Bulgaria to try to make a practical difference. They fund all their own travel and accommodation costs and other expenses; it is a point of pride for the Marble Project that administrative costs are as near to zero as it is possible to get them so that the money we raise goes where it should.

We take on a variety of projects while there; in the past the volunteers have built a shelter for the elderly, run handicraft classes for the orphanages and bought much needed equipment for the old peoples home and orphanage to name just a few things. We also run Fun Days for the orphanages and schools.


In recent times we have teamed up with Shoebury School, some of whose pupils have also been volunteering to spend a week each year in Berkovitsa. Their projects have included organising a sports
day for the local schools, including the children from the orphanage. They have also been involved in passing on more inclusive sports-teaching techniques and in helping to decorate part of the orphanage. By their own accounts they have enjoyed their time in Bulgaria, and returned with a sense of achievement as well as the memory of an experience that has given them a new perspective on their own lives.


We raise funds from a number of sources including donations, sponsored events, concerts and quiz nights. Please check out our Events page for details of future fundraisers.