Why is the Marble Project different?

 Many of our members visit Berkovitsa a couple of times a year, not only to carry out physical projects like painting, building works and direct education, but also to play with the kids and chat to the elderly, and share with them a laugh and some fun.


How do I know the money is going where it is needed?

We have opened our own bank account in Bulgaria, and will soon be able to ensure money goes direct to the suppliers of goods. We also visit the town to ensure the money is appropriately used.


Why Bulgaria, why Berkovitsa?

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU, and has been very badly affected by the present credit crunch. Bulgaria has the highest percentage in Europe of children in Institutional care. The founder members of Marbles visited Berkovitsa some years ago, and were so moved by what they saw, they resolved to do something about it, giving birth to The Marble Project.