Great Event, Great Success

A barely believable three and a half years since their last visit, Pink Floyd tribute The Floyd Effect returned on Saturday 6 October to play a further benefit gig for The Marble Project at the Plume Academy, Maldon.

This was their third appearance for the charity, and the first for which tickets sold out well in advance, reflecting the ever greater appreciation for the band with each succeeding visit!

The Floyd Effect can play the whole Pink Floyd repertoire, but for ‘Marbles’ gigs they have always performed the later post-Barrett material, from Dark Side of the Moon onwards, and this concert was no exception. The set list for the first half was markedly different this time round, beginning with four tracks from ‘Division Bell‘, followed by two from each of ‘Wish You Were Here‘ and ‘Animals‘ and finishing with one from ‘The Wall‘. The second half, as Marbles audiences have come to expect, comprised the entire ‘Dark Side of the Moon‘ plus perennial audience favourites ‘Wish You Were Here‘ and ‘Comfortably Numb‘.

During a concert that lasted the best part of three hours, the musicianship was impeccable as always, in the Floyd Effect tradition of tribute rather than impersonation . These people can play, and they can sing. And if the original ‘Great Gig in the Sky’ led to a lawsuit between singer and band, the Floyd Effect’s rendition was altogether more harmonious, performed by two singers with distinct and complementary voices, a combination of power and soulfulness that naturally brought the house down!


So our thanks must go to Mark, Gordon, Garry, Kerry Maria and Sofia, but especially to John and Tiffany for making the trip only eight weeks after the birth of their baby daughter!! We really appreciate it.

Thanks also to the Oakhouse, Blackwater Printing, and to all the people who helped out on the day… and not least of course to everyone who came.

Our forthcoming projects will benefit from the amazing total of almost £4,800 raised through ticket sales and on the night!! We’re so happy we can hardly count!!!!

The Floyd Effect are just fantastic, that is really what we think.

See you next time!